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commitment to community is one of our top priorities


We've taken the pledge and are committed to an inclusive workplace


Our staff is service-minded and help to effect change

Tri-ply is committed to making our workplace equitable and diverse. Key members of our staff have completed the AGC’s Course; “Rise Up Manager Training.” This training allows staff to recognize harassment, hazing, bullying and retaliation as well as race and gender discrimination. As a General Contractor, we encourage all subcontractors to sign the AGC of Washington Culture of Care Pledge. (Link Provided). We believe that everyone has the right to work in an environment that is free from harassment, hazing and bullying. This commitment applies not just to our employees, but to every individual who comes into contact with our company including subcontractors, suppliers, owners, and partners. 

Our company as a whole is committed to our community and supporting many non-profit organizations with reduced-cost construction, volunteer hours and service leadership. We have employees in key positions within Rotary and Kiwanis, we donate materials and time for needed community projects and we sponsor major fundraising events in our community.

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